Because It Scares Me

A Mindful Dive into My Thoughts and Vulnerablity



Interested in writing for Because It Scares Me?
This is an add free, hobby site, I cannot pay writers as I am not making a cent off this page. If that were to change the policy on submissions would change along side it. With that in mind, still interested in practicing your vulnerablity and exploring how we connect with the world? Then I'd love to see what you have to share and may put it on the site! Just check out the following criteria first, then fill out the above form or email [email protected]
Vulnerable,   as is the name sake of the site Because It Scares Me, it would need to make you a little nervous to share. This does not mean making yourself unsafe just open.

Feminst, own your privilege (not going to explain this, do your research)

Concise. Should be to the point and ideally under 2, 000 words.

Dig in to your own story over that of others’. If tempted to write about experiences others have shared, ask yourself what in yourself made you react so strongly to this.

No completely Hopeless pieces, offer some solution/coping/alternative.  

Be okay with minor editing, and know it is okay to share feedback as well. We can learn from each other!

Provide a short bio